It has been nearly four months since my last post, for a number of reasons. Like the rest of the world, there has been a lot to cope with. Significant changes to our very way of life and if I am honest, I have not felt like writing during this time. I still don’t, but I don’t want to completely lose sight of this blog, never to return again.

I have written blog posts about quitting my job. I had a plan of sorts, but that has all changed. I do know I am not the only person in the world facing this situation. Last Friday was in fact meant to be my last day, but I am lucky and my time has been extended to the end of September. After September? I really don’t know. It was always going to be the unknown, but the unknown is even more unknown and what plans I did have are no more.

the unknown is even more unknown

I had a trip to Vegas in March cancelled, tickets to watch the Euros (European Championships) which would have been taking place as we speak. A Queen concert, Tough Mudder and a number of other things cancelled. The positive? They have been put back to next year, all already paid for. If 2020 has been a complete write-off, I’m confident 2021 is going to be amazing.

It has been really hard not seeing friends and family. It is still hard not being able to see them in the same capacity we were able to prior the Lock-down. Again, the situation has been the same for most people but that does not make it any easier. There have been positives. It has made me appreciate the smaller things, things that I often took for granted. It has made me appreciate the bigger things; holidays, concerts, sports events and cinema. It has on the whole brought me closer to family and my good friends. There are some people I have not spoken to beyond a WhatsApp message or two since March, but many others I have kept in regular contact with.

It has made me appreciate the smaller things…It has made me appreciate the bigger things

I will try and make this my only Covid-19 related post, but of course it will influence my writing and content of future blogs. The journey is long and unknown, but we will all walk it together.

Photo by Florian Schmetz on Unsplash

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