The Game of Life

I am reading “High Performance Habits” by Brendon Burchard, mainly out of curiosity as it was referenced in another book I read. I don’t have much interest in developing high performing habits. It is hard to disagree with most of what Brendon writes and the exercises and habits he suggests are great. In fact, I do quite like a lot of it.

Brendon often (or at least more than once) refers to “the game of life”. One particular chapter refers to what type of ‘player’ you are, what identify you choose to assume. He lists five: Dabblers, Novices, Amateurs, Players and High Performers. The Dabbler is someone with a “passing interest in the game of life” and the High Performers are “all-in on the game“. The Dabbler being a person who looks and tries many things, but never really commits and the High Performer being a person with passion, greater commitment and skill and necessity. The others are in-between the two.

This didn’t sit well with me. I could be missing Brendon’s point, but given the book is about high performance, like Brendon, I think too many people are playing the wrong game of life.

too many people are playing the wrong game of life.

Brendon’s end game is being a High Performer.

Throughout the book, there is a strong correlation between this and being happy and the two are intrinsically linked. High performers tend to be happier people and happiness is in most cases a necessity to be a high performer. What I feel Brendon misses is that don’t all want to be a High Performer, we don’t all want to achieve greatness or leave a legacy.

I think the real end game is happiness.

Some people do of course achieve this through being a High Performer. But other people achieve this by being a Novice or Dabbler. Some people don’t desire ‘success’ in this sense, some of us really are happy with our little piece of something. Some people need to lead and rise to the top of their chosen profession, while others are happy plodding through a rather unremarkable career.

It almost links money with happiness. I know this isn’t Brendon’s message, but High Performers are described as those that aspire to and do reach the top. The money naturally follows. In truth, happiness is found within and not what identify you choose in the ‘Game of Life’.

some of us really are happy with our little piece of something

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

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