What next?

The reality that I have handed in my notice of resignation is just starting to dawn on me. In less than eight months time I will be unemployed. I was on a training course earlier in the week and it was the first time it really felt real. This was followed up by a conversation with my Dad up the pub. My soon to be reality is real.

Suddenly I am feeling really quite scared. What if it doesn’t work out? What if the worst case scenario is worse than my perceived worst case scenario? So many negative ‘what ifs’. The excitement of a brave new world can quite easily turn into a mental spiral of doom.

Suddenly I am feeling really quite scared

This hasn’t necessarily been a bad thing. It has really made to think about what steps I need to take, what I need to do. I cannot let the eight months suddenly become three months, having done nothing meaningful to kick-start my journey. I need to be pro-active. I need to take ownership of the decision I have made and I need commit to actions.

So back to the title of my blog post. What next?

The short answer isn’t too far from making it up as I go along. The slightly longer and more sensible answer is closer to identifying exactly what I need to do. This is an unknown for me. I have no idea what will work, what won’t, what may, but it can’t hurt to give everything a go. If it doesn’t work, try something different.

I need to take ownership of the decision

I am a coachee myself at the moment, which will help me through the process. The internet is a wealth of information, although there is a risk of being unable to see the wood for the tree. The truth is I still really don’t know where the path starts or where it leads, but I need to take that first step sooner rather than later.

Photo by Richard Price on Unsplash

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