2019: Part III

It is nearing the end of the year and it feels like a lot has happened. It’s a little early, but I thought I would look back at the goals I set for myself and when I last looked at them in June. It really has been busy and on the whole I can look back and be proud of what I have achieved.

My goals are in bold and the italics are my comments from the previous blog post.

  • Run a half-marathon. I am not in a fit state to run 13 miles right now. I need to get my back-side into gear and start training. My friends will be the motivation we all need and I really need to be more disciplined. It’s easy to say I’ll do it tomorrow; something that really does come quite easily to me.

So the big day arrived, we ran and conquered the half-marathon. Read all about it here. It was fun, it was hard-work and it was rewarding. I have signed up for another one in February, despite my insistence that I was going to stick to Park Run and 10k runs.

  • Complete my second Tough Mudder Classic. We completed Tough Mudder in May. It was just above freezing (literal freezing) and jumping in the water wasn’t as appealing as last year, when the temperature was in the mid-20’s. But it was great fun. I’m not sure if I was as fit as last year, but we managed to complete it in under four hours.

Done and dusted back in May. My plan is to have a year off from Tough Mudder next year, but I fully suspect a friend or two will sign up and I’ll end up joining them.

  • Commit to the gym. I haven’t been to gym since Tough Mudder. A broken toe was part of the reason, but if I am being honest with myself I am still using that as an excuse. I have run a couple of Park Runs since (and Tough Mudder), so there is absolutely no reason why I cannot go back to the gym.

This has come full circle and is somewhat connected to reducing my alcohol intake. I joined a new gym last Sunday, which has a swimming pool – something my previous gym lacked. I’ve been swimming three times this week and have an induction next Monday. The motivation is two-fold: exercise and keep myself fit and find other interests in the evenings that don’t all involve drinking beer.

  • Reduce my alcohol intake. Okay this one is going badly. We can’t win ’em all, but losing this one is probably the most detrimental to my health. It is the habits I need to change; the majority of my social life is based around activities which typically involves or is in an environment which sells beer.

I will write a full blog post on this at some point in the near future. My hand has been forced a little. While not ‘serious’, my liver isn’t as healthy as it could be and I need to significantly reduce my alcohol intake. This is very recent and there are a lot of changes that I will need to make, but it will be worth the effort.

  • Being happier. I have read a lot of books on happiness, while being careful not to get lost in the many and sometimes contradicting theories and ideas; I certainly believe I have got better at accepting the negative thoughts and emotions that every single human being experiences. I am meditating daily where I can, sometimes I slip up on this and I enjoy writing in my journal. While hard to measure, so far, so good on this one I think.

I am a happier person. That doesn’t mean I shine everyday and everything is perfect, but my outlook on life has changed over the course of this year for the better. The self-help books? In the end it turns the helpful ones are the fun ones, which is quite appropriate and actually does make sense – Zest and Shine are my two favourites.

  • Have an outline for a novel

This isn’t going to happen this year. I am writing something, but not a novel. It is very much on the ‘want-to-do’ list, but 2019 is not the year. 2020, perhaps.

  • Be pro-active in looking for another job

I quit my job, or at least handed in my notice of resignation. I leave on 26 June next year, but there is no need to repeat myself when I have written an entire blog post about this.

  • Be more involved in my role as a school governor

Another one where my hand has been forced a little. A shift in the governor roles has naturally meant I am more involved without any effort on my part. I will try and take credit for being an achievement, but really, it had little to do with me.

  • Meditating every day.

I started well. Then I stopped a little, then I picked it up again. Now, I haven’t meditated for at least a month. I enjoy meditating and find it relaxing, so I don’t know why I don’t do it more often. Don’t have the time? Of course I do, but that’s the reason I tell myself.

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