Half-marathon? Check.

So the big day arrived, we ran and conquered the half-marathon.

The weather wasn’t great. It was a little wet and at times, it felt more like The Boat Race than the Oxford Half-marathon. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a boat but we ran along roads that turned into rivers. I am being a little dramatic of course, but the weather could have chosen a different day for such heavy rain.

I am super proud of the four of us. This was our challenge and we’ve achieved it.

It was tough, in particular the last 3 miles. Passing the 10 mile mark, mentally preparing myself by thinking I only have a Park Run left to run wasn’t a great idea. I lost count of the number of times I was told it was the “final corner” or the “home straight” on the last mile, but it got me there. And the penultimate mile seemed to drag on for at least two.

I loved the occasion, I loved the crowds, I loved the atmosphere. I also loved the post-race pizza and beers. The many spectators lining most of the route in awful weather. I really hold my hand up to them as I would have probably stayed inside, out of the cold and rain.

So what next?

I finished the Oxford Half promising to stick to running Park Run and 10k runs. I have already signed up for another half-marathon closer to home. A very tiny part of me wants to reach towards a marathon, but fortunately the rest of me stops this idea from gaining any real momentum. I can be easily led though, one friend signs up for a marathon and I will no doubt be in with them,

My main goal for next year is actually a triathlon, although I’ll need to start small. I don’t own a bike and haven’t swam ‘properly’ in years!

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