Destination anywhere

I wrote a blog post about quitting my job with no real plan. This is still the case, but today it became that bit more real. Friends and family aside, I had only told a few friends I work with, my boss and a couple of colleagues. Today I had to announce it at our team meeting and it turns out gossip spreads quickly. I was quite scared if I am being honest. There really is no turning back from here.

I have become on those people other people think will never leave.

This only reinforced the fact that I do need to leave. I have made the correct decision.

It does bring me to the point of this blog post, the direction of my blog. I have no intention of stopping, despite being absent in recent weeks. There will be off-topics blog posts, but the focus will be and I suppose it always has been, about my journey. Only now my journey is a bit more defined, or at least the end goal is. I genuinely don’t know how many and who will read what I write. For me, it is an exercise for writing my thoughts and having the opportunity to later reflect on them.

I am currently reading The Naked Leader Experience by David Taylor. It is quite timely as my emotions have been mixed over the past days and doubt has crept in on more than one occasion. I was having what can only be described as a mini panic-attack on Sunday evening, convinced I had made the wrong decision.

Fortunately David came to the rescue. To summarise a point he makes: it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the how, what is important is that you know the what right now.

I know the what but have absolutely no idea about the how.

Today and yesterday I have been feeling far more positive. Maybe there is no right or wrong choice, but I have made a choice and now I must decide what to do next.

Photo by Paul Dufour on Unsplash

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