Half marathon training update

Another (very) short blog post today. I was planning on finishing something else but got sidetracked and I’m out soon.

So my half marathon is 9 weeks away today.

Since starting my half marathon training I have been quite good. Aside from a two week break when I felt my Achilles tightened after a run, I have been out a few times a week including one ‘long run’. The idea is adding on an extra 1k each week. It helps that I run with two of my friends on our ‘long run’, not just for keeping pace but also for that motivation to finish when it would be so easy to cut a run short.

We have reached the 10 mile mark, just.

That 3 extra miles is just a Park Run. Despite how my legs have ached, in my mind it is do-able. Add to that the occasion, the support and the (hopefully) cooler weather which isn’t so hard to run in.

The intention is to run 16k again this coming week and hopefully up-it to 17k the following week. My friends and I are dreadful and don’t look at any of the science being running, but we figured we need to have run 19-20k a couple of times before the big day and we are on course to get there.

While our training route gets longer each time, it does still end at the very same pub!

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