I did intend to write another blog post.

However the weather in the UK is the hot topic (literally) and a rumble of thunder filled the air as I started to type. Unfortunately it was the only rumble of thunder, but that flows nicely into the topic of my blog post.

I love thunderstorms.

I was woken up in the early hours of Tuesday morning. I’m not sure whether it was the lightning illuminating the sky, the clapping thunder or the lashing rain that came through my open window onto my bed.

It was amazing.

Despite the time, I spent a good part of the next hour just watching the storm. The whole sky was illuminated, with seemingly never ending rumbles of thunder and the occasional loud crack cutting through the close air.

I recall another thunderstorm a few years back. It was close on midnight, walking home from the pub. I don’t remember being out in rain so heavy, the streets were literal rivers and lightning lite up the sky all around us.

Lightning is Nature’s firework show

New Year fireworks over the Sydney Opera House or the London Eye? Nature takes a quick look, throws on a good thunder storm and no words are needed to say “beat that”.

I do of course understand thunder and lightning can often accompany some of the most destructive forces of Nature and in themselves can be fatal. However for most that pass without incident, I don’t think there is a more spectacular sight in all the world than a good thunderstorm.

I was also intending to write a longer blog post. But it is too hot and I need another cold shower.

Photo by Bethany Laird on Unsplash

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