Too hot or snow?

A British blog wouldn’t be complete without at least one blog post about the weather. This one does have a little bit of a twist though and is inspired by a recent team building exercise. It was an ice-breaker exercise. There is no need to go into detail, but the idea of the game was that you had to answer a random question written on a football (soccer).

I had to answer a question that I did not expect.

Would I want every day to be over 100 degrees or snow everyday?

Too hot or too cold, or snow at least.

I don’t like the heat and enjoy snow, so it was a pretty easy questions for me.

Apparently the temperature is 93.4 degrees Fahrenheit where I am right now (just outside London).

Fortunately a large part of my day was spent in an air-conditioned building. Unfortunately I have been working from home from mid-afternoon, with only a fan to keep me cool. It’s an expensive fan, but it’s still only a fan.

I have had a couple of cold showers but it quickly becomes uncomfortable again. I have only been outside once. I walked from the air-conditioned building to the car, trying to keep in the shade where it was cooler, but still hot. In the sun I felt the air was suffocating.

I do know my internal ‘temperature sensor’ is a little extreme.

In the Office I feel ‘warm’ at the coolest of times. I would happily have the windows wide open, however instead they are firmly shut and colleagues switch on their foot heaters. There is a temperature when our air-con is switched on, but this is usually after the point where I have melted to the point of absolute zero productivity.

Beyond having cold showers there is literally nothing I can do too keep cool.

The temperate forecast on Thursday is 96.6 degrees Fahrenheit. I have few words which can describe how little I am looking forward to it.

I am sure my blog-post portrays itself as an opportunity for a moan about the weather, which us British are very good at and enjoy doing. But I really struggle.

As for the snow, I would welcome it every day.

Photo by Liam Macleod on Unsplash

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