Post run beers

It’s far too hot to go for a run but I’m going to go anyway. And I don’t like running in the heat at the best of times.

It seems that no matter our route, we always start and end at the same point. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, that point is a pub. A reward or ruining hard work, I love a beer or a shandy after a run.

I love a beer after a run

I do not know the science behind having a beer (usually a shandy) after a run. But I know beer is dehydrating, so chances are it isn’t the greatest thing to drink after a race. So I ignore what I do know and actively avoid reading anything further on the subject.

(I’m not suggesting I drink into the early hours of the morning, usually just a shandy or two)

Celebratory drinks and food are a must after a race.

After a race is different. It has become customary for my friends and I to arrange lunch in a pub after an organised race. The invite is opened to friends and family and we make a proper day of it.

Post race is an excuse to be social and I love it. The post-race lunch has become as big a part of the day as the run itself.

I don’t think beer is an optimal part of any sport diet. But I’ll continue to find the articles that claim it is an avoid the ones with actual science.

Photo by Elevate on Unsplash

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