Running in the heat

I’m conscious I haven’t been writing as often and I’m short of time again today. I figured a very brief blog post is better than no blog post.

The reason I’m short of time is the half marathon training again.

Our intention to up our mid-week run by 1k every week is going to plan (sort of) and the plan is to run 11k tonight.

But it’s hot.

I don’t like the heat.

I really struggle with it at the best of times. I am the person in an office who would love the windows wide open or air-con turned on, but am out-numbered by nearly every other person in the room.

It was also hot when we ran last week and while this is of course an exaggeration (I love them), I I was dripping with sweat (that part is true) and felt like I was close to death. I took a bottle of water, which I don’t normal do. The real dilemma was whether to actually drink the water or pour it over my head to cool me down. The latter won most of the time.

I could so easily not run. But I will be strong willed and run down the canal towpath in the heat, suffering, instead of sipping a nice cold beer in a pub garden…

Photo by Kristian Egelund on Unsplash

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