“Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days.” – Doug Larson

I’m a sucker for nostalgia. How great things were in the ‘good old days’, how old music was so much better, how children could play out until it got dark without a worry, how great our childhood holidays were. Fortunately I am aware that I am a sucker for Nostalgia but unfortunately that self-awareness doesn’t extend to stopping me talking about how great things were when I was younger.

I love looking through old photos, listening to songs from my childhood, watching old TV shows and movies or just chatting about school days and our childhood with old friends. I don’t know the science being nostalgia, but it always makes be feel more positive, upbeat, optimistic, regardless of how I am otherwise feeling. If things are looking down, nostalgia is a reminder that they can and will get better.

Reflecting on memories is however different from trying to recreate them. On many occasion I have considered revisiting places abroad I visited as a child but haven’t been back to, but have so far resisted.

“Many people have fond memories of ‘perfect’ childhood holidays. Trying to re-create these celebrations can be very stressful.” – Anita F. Fernaner

I have such fond memories of Clearwater Beach and a particular motel, which in the years since has been knocked down. Google maps shows an overgrown plot of land. I have fond memories of Naples and further up the Gulf Coast, all from my many childhood holidays to Florida. I wonder whether revisiting Florida and Clearwater Beach is really such a good idea.

Am I only setting myself up for disappointment? Am I setting my expectations as a 35 year adult on my memories as a child and teenager.

The memories are still just memories. I love nostalgia but I can’t help but think it is sometimes best left in the past and enjoyed for what it is.

Photo by sarandy westfall on Unsplash

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