I spent today making an attempt to start my first assignment for a Coaching Diploma I am studying towards. I procrastinate and even on my best of days can take some time to get going or suddenly find myself watching my tenth YouTube video on unsolved mysteries. I really enjoy learning but sometimes I struggle with this part and finding the motivation to really knuckle down with assignments.

Even now I am distracted, writing this blog post.

Paradoxically I find I enjoy learning more now than I ever have, but find actually translating this learning into written assignments more difficult than I ever have. It also means I’m very busy at the moment and sacrificing things I would rather do than my assignment. I look at the tabs open on Google Chrome: at least five of them have nothing to do with coaching whatsoever. “10 Essential Strength Exercises for Runners” is useful, but it’s not going to get me any closer to the end of my assignment.

Likewise with Facebook, although it is arguably less useful

So here I am. Writing a blog post rather than my essay. I also want to watch an episode of Strange Things before I get back to writing that assignment. Then I just wonder if I should concede and accept I’m not going to get anymore done today…

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