Plug sockets in hotel rooms

I wrote a blog post in a past life about plug sockets in hotel rooms. Not long returning from the Lake District and experiencing the same baffling issue again, I feel compelled to share my thoughts to the World.

The B&B was lovely. The room charming, the bed comfortable and a shower I wish I had in my own bathroom. I had charged my phone and Kindle during the day in a plug socket above the fine table in the corner of the room. I don’t own a watch and use my phone both as an alarm and to tell the time.

Now this plug socket was out of reach of the bedside cabinet. I searched high, low, high and low again for a plug socket even somewhere remotely close with no success. Not a single plug socket within reach (and the USB wire I have is pretty long) of the bed. Not one. Zero. Nil.

Faced with two choices: either waking up with a nearly flat battery on my phone or having no way of telling the time if I woke up before my alarm and not being able to ‘snooze’ my alarm. The third choice was rearranging the furniture in the room. I’m not sure the B&B owners would have appreciated that.

I know this is a proper ‘first world problem’

Yes I survived. But it still baffled me why a B&B or hotel room would not accommodate a single plug socket within a meter reach of a bedside cabinet. If it is by intentional design, that is cruel. If it’s the natural design, that is just weird. If it is random, well, who has the answer to one of life’s great mysteries.

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