Be spontaneous

I have always tried to be spontaneous. However up until recently it was largely ‘planned spontaneity’, if that is even a word and probably slightly misses the point of being spontaneous.

But more recently I have made a real effort to actually being more spontaneous.

I can genuinely say that this has made be happier. It has come quite easy to me, but how to be more spontaneous when it may not come as naturally? I have little knowledge of this subject aside from personal experience, so tread carefully…

1. Set Deadlines

It is not always possible to instantly act on a spontaneous idea or thought, so set deadlines to make sure you do actually commit to an idea. Too many great ideas never materialise for the simple reason that we keep putting off making a commitment.

During a random conversation, my friend and I just decided we were going to visit Las Vegas next March. We were not literally able to book our Vegas trip that very moment, however we set a deadline for the end of that week to stop the idea dying.

2. Start saying “Yes!”

It doesn’t always need to be you that has that spontaneous idea; you’ll likely find yourself doing all kinds of weird and wacky things if you start to say “yes” more often. Even better, you may not even realise exactly what you have agreed to until nearer the time!

More often than not a crazy idea needs the buy in of more than just one person, so be that more than one person as often as you can.

3. Leave the house for no reason

I am not suggesting taking the first flight or train out of town, although that is an idea. Take a trip into the nearest town or city for no reason on your own.

You may find yourself sitting in a pub garden with a new book or eating in your favourite restaurant. Equally, you may do or visit something quite random. The excitement of this unknown is an added bonus.

I suppose this is forcing a spontaneous decision rather than being genuinely spontaneous, but the outcome is the same regardless and that’s what is important.

4. What’s the best that can happen?

It’s far, far easier to suggest a change in mindset than it is to actually do it. But that said, try and turn “What’s the worst that can happened?” into “What’s the best that can happen?”.

You try something that sounds boring? The worst that can happen is that you didn’t enjoy yourself and feel like you wasted your time. The best that can happen is that you fall in love with the activity and a new hobby with a world of possibilities is born. You won’t find out until you try, but the latter sounds a hell of a lot more fun.

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